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Group Management – Leader

If you are a recruitment agency or business owner who wants to assess candidates based on specific technical skills, you may use this platform and purchase a Group Leader account.

With a Group Leader account, you have a lot of control. You can:

  • Buy a number of seats (access for candidates) at discounted prices
  • Invite users to take assessments or courses with Enrollment Keys
  • Manage the users (Add or delete users if they have not started the assessment yet.)
  • View the progress of users online – how far are they in the process or have they completed the assessment or assignment.
  • View the result of assessments online.
  • View assignments online.

If you are a recruitment agency, and conduct the test on behalf of clients, you can export the results of tests (quizzes) to an excel .csv file, and share the result with your clients.

It is easy to create your own Group Leader account on www.vrlearntime.com

Create your account and purchases assessments or courses.

Log in to the website.

Then, under Group Management, click on Group Management Buy Courses.  You don’t have to be registered to be able to buy the courses, your registration details will be sent to you after your purchase.

Also, please note, on this platform, the assessments are part of the courses.  In other words, the assessment is included in the course, so yes, you are at the right place 😊

Add a Group name, this may be your company name or any other meaningful name.

Select the number of seats.  Normally users or candidates will only have access to complete an assessment once, so ensure that you buy the correct number of seats.  Also see the discount rates, the more seats you purchase, the lower the price per seat.

Don’t worry, you may easily add more seats if you need to.

Under courses, select the assessment you want to purchase.  As mentioned previously, the assessment or quiz is part of the course.

Continue completing your details and follow the payment process.

Your username and password will be emailed to you.


Logging in to your Group Leader account.

Return to www.vrlearntime.com and make sure that you are logged in.

Under Group Management, click on Group Management on the dropdown list.

See your group name, the courses purchased and enrolled users or candidates.

If you have registered for a Group Leader account, and you see the message – You don’t have group leader permissions – then click the refresh button on your internet browser.

If you still don’t see the Group Leader management page – please contact us at vic@vrlearntime.com

Due to time-zone differences – we may take up to 8 hours to respond.

The Group Management Page will  look like this:

From your Group Management page, you may easily Add Seats (to assess more candidates),  upload users, download enrolment keys, view course reports, view quiz results and assignments.


Add or invite users:

If you want to upload a list of users, then click the ‘upload users’ tab.  Download the .csv sample file and complete the email, password, first name and last name information for each user. Then upload the .csv file to the website.  This method is useful when you want to register a list of users.  When you upload the file, the users will receive an email with their username and password.

But remember, to be able to access the assessment, the user still needs to receive an Enrollment Key.   Click on the ‘download keys’ button, to receive a list of available seat keys. You will then have to email the user or candidate the seat number (key).


User Enrollment

You don’t have to upload users, as users /candidates can easily register themselves if they have an Enrollment Key.

Users may click on “My Account”, User Seat Registration,  and enter their details and Enrollment Key. In other words, you may just email the user the Enrollment Key, and they can create their own user account with a username and password.

Those users for which you have created an account by uploading via a .csv file, must log in, and under “My Account”, enter the Key on the “Existing Users Enter Key” page.


To complete the course or assessment, the user must then click on:

My Account

My Courses and Assessments.

The course which they have received an invitation for, will show on this page.  They must then click on the course link and continue with the process.


Download this page in pdf format.